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The Phoenix metro area is a hot bed for real estate. Close on your home with Homie Title.

Seller's Net Sheet*
Sales Price of Property
First Mortgage Payoff
Second Mortgage Payoff
Real Estate Commission
Listing Agent Commission -$5000
Buyer Agent Commission %
Buyer Agent Commission $0.00
Title and Escrow Charges
Homeowner's Title Policy to First National Title Insurance Company -$0
Settlement or Closing Fee to Homie Title, Inc. -$0
Transaction Fee to Homie Title, Inc. -$250
Miscellaneous Charges
Home Warranty
Mobile Notary
Other Credits
Estimated Net Proceeds to Seller $0.00

*Rates and fees shown are estimates.

This Seller Net Sheet is a web-based platform designed to help our customers and agents estimate the settlement related costs for a residential real estate transaction. There are variables that need to be considered in determining the final fee to be charged, including geographic and transaction-specific items which are beyond the functionality of this web-based platform. All estimates obtained through the use of this worksheet are dependent upon the accuracy of the information provided by you and no guarantee of issuance of title is expressed or implied. Please contact your local Homie Title office or agent to confirm your quote.

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